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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of retreats do you offer and how much does a trip cost?

We offer a variety of retreat options, from pre-planned retreats and backpack treks to custom adventures. See our Adventure Retreat Options, Custom Retreats Options and Program Fees.

Program Rates

Is the camp affiliated by any specific church denomination?

No. The staff at AEI Base Camp are hired from all denominational backgrounds that hold close to their hearts the most basic tenants of Christianity. "For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him Crucified." (1 Corinthians 2:2)

Differences in denominational doctrine have been set aside for the sake of our calling. The teaching that campers receive while at Base Camp will follow the guidelines of basic truth that come from the Holy Bible.

How long is a trip?

Every trip is custom designed in length and activities based on your group's goals, time line, and budget. Some in-state groups come for just a day or two, and other groups come for ten or more days.

If our group is not Christian based or does not have a spiritual affliation, can we still plan an adventure retreat?

Absolutely! Though we are organizationally passionate about our faith, we love to guide anyone into the wild to promote an overall healthy and positive perspective of nature and wilderness. We can implement leadership principles into your retreat, and we will take extra measures to ensure that your group has a significant community bonding experience.

How do I pack for my adventure trip?

See Packing List

What seasons is AEI Base Camp in operation?

AEI Base Camp is open for service the last week in May until the middle of August. Contact us for calendar availability. We want to make your dates work with our schedule.

Can I send just my son or daughter to camp?

Yes. During our open enrollment camp, you can send your daughter and/or son to a specific camp. During the remainder of the summer, our schedule is filled with custom groups that contact us. Group size can vary from 15 to 140. There are vacation cabins available on the property for rent by families; contact us for more details.

Will there be other groups in camp while we are there?

Depending on your group size, this is entirely possible. However, each group is going through their own custom program. Specific guide staff will provide individual attention to your group through every aspect of your trip; they will backpack, raft, rock climb, etc. with you. The only time your group might overlap with another is during mealtimes, and even then groups go into the dining facility separately. Groups are housed separately as well.

How big of a group can attend camp?

The camp will host groups of 15 to 140 people.

How old does someone have to be before they can attend camp?

Over the past twenty years, AEI has worked with groups of fifth graders and provided for adult trips. There is no minimum or maximum age; however, keep in mind how the larger variation of age in a group will affect the group’s ability to participate in certain activities.

Do cell phones work at camp?

No. There is a radio telephone at the Base Camp that is for business and emergency purposes only. Parents may call the camp line to relay a message to their children. Participants do not have access to the phone line for checking in with parents.

What is the weather typically like at 10,000' in the Rockies?

Adhere to your "what to bring list"!  The weather fluctuates dramatically on a daily basis throughout the Summer. It has snowed on the 4th of July! Average temperatures are daytime 70's and nighttime 30's.

What to Bring List

Will being at 10,000' elevation make me sick?

It can. In a group of 50 there will probably be two or three individuals that will have mild difficulty in adjusting to the altitude. This includes headaches and nausea that usually subside after 24-36 hrs. The staff at Base Camp are very well prepared to assist those that do not feel well at camp. You can help yourself by preparing well before coming to the higher elevation; we have provided you with some tips on the High Altitude and Health page.

High Altitude and Health Page

What are the medical qualifications of the staff at camp?

All Wilderness Guide Staff are trained and hold Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications. Senior Guide Staff have advanced training as Wilderness First Responders. Only those staff that have been through an accredited medication administration course may administer over the counter or prescription medications to minors (with parental consent). Finally, the camp has a medical doctor to offer advisement 24hrs a day as needed.

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