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AEI Base Camp Facilities

Our Colorado Christian Retreat Center is ideally situated on 1,500 acres of private land surrounded by Gunnison National Forest and the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Because of its remoteness, alternative energy systems are used. Solar, wind, wood, and alternative fuels provide energy for hot showers, heat for a sauna and hot tub, communications, light for cabins, and electricity for multimedia programs. The log cabins are complete with bunk beds, large porches, and wood-burning stoves. Cabins hold 12 same gender people and are used primarily for resting; meeting spaces are available in other camp buildings. Food is good home cooking and is served with a big appetite in mind. Adequate and proper nutrition will be very important in the acclimatization process everyone must go through as they endeavor to play at 10,000' elevation.

Wilderness Retreat Cabins at AEI Base Camp

We also offer private wilderness cabin rentals for small groups and Family Adventure Retreats. The two cabins we rent are the Bandera Cabin and the High Country Cabin. The High Country cabin is also a duplex cabin where each side can be rented seperately or combined. Check out the Family Adventure Retreats page for more details.

Family Adventure Retreats

Other AEI Base Camp Facility